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Dynamic Comfort

Riding has never been so enjoyable with the ComfortPro Bike Seat.

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Instant Phone Access Plus Secure Protection

Maintain interactive ability as you ride with the B-Soul Phone Mount Case

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Extra Cushion & Comfort

The ComfyPlus Bike Seat Cushion helps reduce soreness & numbness caused by hard, narrow bike saddles

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I've tried five or six seats - in the price range of $10 to $60 - and this one is easily my favorite and the most comfortable. I've had it for about seven months, I haven't put lots of miles on it, but it still looks like new - so I don't expect durability to be an issue. My average ride is about 10 miles or so, but I have done as much as 23 miles in less than two hours with this seat, and still comfortable.

David R.

I had knee surgery on my right knee 5 months ago and my left knee a year and a half ago. Since then, I've really struggled with stability and with knee pain. We just moved into a new house a month ago and I've really been struggling because the stairs are 8" instead of a standard 6. I just received this today and already noticed a HUGE difference in what I'm able to do. The pain just traversing the stairs is almost gone, let alone all other abilities. It was easier just getting up off the floor, and kneeling or squatting. In addition, I generally have an allergic reaction to most braces or support devices. Not even sweat bumps with this one!

Grant H.

There’s very little (if anything) to dislike about these resistance bands. They are adjustable and their versatility allows for them to be used to complete a large variety of exercises. Everything from curls, chest presses, toes, and even squats. The major determining factor for me was being able to adjust the weight up to 150lbs. Not only that but it comes with ankle bands and a block that allows you to attach to your doorway to get even more exercises. They even include a pouch if you want to take them with you on the go! Honestly this has been an excellent buy and I can’t recommend it enough!

Jose L.
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